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Prana Yoga is more than just a yoga class; it’s a place where we journey beyond the traditional yoga poses to explore the profound role of breath (Prana) in our lives. It’s about creating balance, awareness, and harmonious connection between your mind, body, and spirit through the art of breath.

 Prana Yoga isn’t merely about flexibility or strength; it’s about deeply tuning in and getting to know yourself on a whole new level.

Being Present​

Life can be overwhelming, we often find ourselves caught up in past regrets or future worries. But in the realm of Prana Yoga, you learn to anchor yourself in the ‘now’. By focusing on your breath, you cultivate a deep sense of presence, fully experiencing each moment as it unfolds. This mindful approach to yoga allows you to gently let go of distractions and engage fully with the sensations, emotions, and experiences of the present moment. Being present mitigates feelings of overwhelm and helps you find calm in the chaos.

Can you allow yourself to be present?

Personal Training

One-on-one yoga session tailored to your specific needs and goals. This private training provides personalized guidance, focusing on your unique physical and emotional journey. Is personal training right for you?

Group Class

Join a diverse and supportive community in our group yoga sessions. These classes integrate breathwork, yoga postures, and mindful exercises to promote collective growth and connection in a safe, inclusive environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Comfort is key in yoga, so we recommend wearing loose or stretchy clothing that allows you to move freely. You’ll be barefoot, so no need for special footwear.

Please bring a yoga mat for your comfort. You may also want to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated, and perhaps a towel for added comfort. While a yoga mat is recommended for comfort and safety, if you don’t have one, a large towel or carpeted area can work as well. Over time, you may want to invest in a mat, but don’t let this stop you from starting your yoga journey.

Absolutely! Yoga is about more than just flexibility – it’s about strength, balance, focus, and breath. Flexibility is something that improves over time, and everyone’s body is different. If you have a medical condition, please consult your healthcare provider before starting any new exercise regime. Once you get the go-ahead, inform your instructor about your condition so they can help you modify poses if needed. Prana Yoga is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, fitness level, or yoga experience. The practices can be modified to suit individual needs and abilities.

It’s best not to eat a large meal right before yoga. However, a light snack like a piece of fruit can provide energy for your practice. Make sure to stay hydrated, but try to avoid drinking large amounts of water immediately before class to avoid discomfort.

In a Prana Yoga class, you can expect a combination of breathwork, mindfulness, and physical postures. These elements are carefully designed to help you connect with your inner self and promote a sense of peace and balance. Breathwork, or ‘pranayama’, is a key element of Prana Yoga. By focusing on the breath, we can learn to control our energy, calm the mind, and create a deep connection between the body and the mind.

Prana Yoga offers a range of benefits, including stress reduction, improved mental clarity, enhanced body awareness, increased energy levels, and a greater sense of peace and well-being.

Absolutely! Prana Yoga welcomes everyone, no matter your fitness level, yoga experience, or flexibility. As a beginner, you’ll learn basic poses and breathwork techniques in a safe, supportive environment. The aim is not to perfect each pose but to connect with yourself and learn how to use your breath as a stress management tool. Yoga is a personal journey, not a competition. So come as you are and start your yoga journey with us. We’re excited to guide you in exploring Prana Yoga!

The frequency of your practice depends on your individual goals and schedule. Even a few minutes a day can be beneficial, and consistency is key. We recommend practicing regularly for best results.

Yes, Prana Yoga does have its unique elements. While it incorporates traditional yoga poses and practices, the primary focus is on harnessing the power of your breath. We delve deep into breathwork and its effects on your overall well-being, mood, and stress levels. We also prioritize a mind-body connection, helping you become more present and attuned to your body’s needs. Importantly, Prana Yoga is accessible to all and creates a safe, inclusive space, particularly for the queer community. It’s more than just a yoga practice, it’s a lifestyle that encourages self-awareness, acceptance, and growth.